Beth Stone

beth_stoneBeth Stone

Clinical Relationship Thrp. AAMFT, Imaginal Processes, AGI, Grad Dip

Beth has been in practice for over 30 years in both Australia and the USA, specialising in non-verbal / arts therapies for over thirty years, both in Australia and the USA. Beth utilises visualisation, imagery, journeying, shamanic drumming and various techniques of Gestalt therapy within her psychotherapy practice. Beth is passionately committed to her work in psychology and has actively contributed to the developing body of knowledge within the fields of art therapy, trauma psychology and non-verbal communication.

Beth has provided specialised counselling and therapeutic workshops to groups of people who have suffered specific traumas triggered by a common background event – these groups include but are not limited to : Vietnam war veterans, indigenous (first nation) Hawaiian woman who have undergone sexual and psychological abuse, and sufferers of serious physical illnesses, particularly cancer.

Beth is the author of a new psychotherapy tool for assessment of feelings through non-verbal indicators which overrides the boundaries of cultural limitations on expression, verbal translation, and natural tendencies in verbalisation. This tool has been called the Pictured Feelings Instrument (PFI).