Kelly Robinson

Kelly RobinsonKelly Robinson

MTPA Sydney Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer
Life Coach

Kelly’s first experience of Hypnosis was when she was a teenager battling with chronic back pain. She was just 16 years old and so sick that she was unable to attend the school that she loved. She missed her friends desperately, was bedridden and tried everything that was suggested by modern medicine to get better. A friend, who is a community nurse, suggested to her mother that they try Hypnotherapy. The results were incredible. Realising the power of her mind, gaining control of her body back again, she made a speedy recovery and hasn’t had back problems since. Inspired by Kelly’s life changing experience, her mother Julie became a qualified Hypnotherapist 10 years ago specialising in working with some of Australia’s most elite athletes that recently competed in Rio.

After Kelly’s wonderful recovery, at just 17 years old she left home from Qld for Sydney to pursue her love of acting by attending Acting School. Kelly graduated with flying colours, was thrown into the very challenging acting industry and quickly discovered the pressures they had on performers. She found herself curious as to the success her mother was having with athletes suffering with performance anxiety and saw a very clear similarity with performing artists. Kelly remembered how much hypnosis had helped her personally in the past and got the ‘Hypnosis bug’ again. She was so fascinated that she then decided to study with world renowned Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Alistair Horscroft at the prestigious Mind Academy.

Using Modern Hypnosis Techniques and NLP, Kelly has helped people with a range of problems including Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Public Speaking and many more. The mother/daughter team now work closely with parents and children for family therapy and child behavioural issues. Kelly is also a professional Actress and has used her Hypnotherapy & NLP training to help many successful actors and performers with stage fright and anxiety.

Kelly quickly builds rapport, trust and incorporates a little bit fun into every session. Clients leave feeling empowered, confident and ready to tackle anything that life has to offer.

Kelly uses Modern Hypnotherapy techniques and Mind Tools to get to the root of a clients problem. She offers long lasting relief and a tool box full of wonderful skills that the client can use through out their lives.