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United Consulting Rooms

United Consulting Rooms is a Specialist Psychology/Psychiatry Clinic in Sydney’s Inner West. A leading mental health facility, we have a unique combination of psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and dieticians, who pose rich and diverse expertise in a range of mental health services, treatment and management.

Our clinicians are highly trained professionals who have the credentials, experience and compassion – vital to help people of all ages manage, understand and overcome emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties. Early intervention from a specialist, through an integrated treatment approach of pharmacology and psychology, can positively change the trajectory of your recovery journey.

Our values guide our philosophy of care. Essential to a person’s treatment and recovery process is the dedication to the creation and maintenance of a respectful, compassionate, safe and supportive environment. We, at United Consulting Rooms encourage and assist people who experience mental health related conditions to maintain a good level of function.

We are mindful of community diversity, and deliver culturally sensitive care to all our patients. In addition, we provide support for families and carers. Mental illness often affects the family as a whole, creating tension, unique, and difficult emotional and often financial challenges. United Consulting Rooms provides referrals to counsellors,psychologists, education and advocacy (with agencies e.g. schools/workplace/support services).

As a team we work to address any issues that are affecting your wellbeing, to negotiate and develop an effective treatment approach that feels comfortable and appropriate for your needs.

We recently opened a new practice in Newtown with fully furnished rooms, which vary in size to suit clinician’s requirements. It has a separate client waiting area; it is air conditioned and has WiFi.